Church History

Bishop Leroy McClain,Sr.
Co Pastor Pamela McClain

Church History

God’s Temple of Faith Ministries was founded on February 15, 1978 by Rev. Leroy McClain, Sr. The Lord revealed to him the plan to start a church and he shared this with his wife, Sister Pamela McClain, and various other family members. Then they started to gather for weekly prayer at the home of his mother, Sister Ida Pearl McClain, as everyone was excited at the news of God calling him to the Pastorate. There the church was founded. There were eight members back in 1978, and the first order of church business was selecting a name for the new church. Each person was allowed to take part in this selection. Finally, after writing many names down on paper, the majority chose the name God’s Temple of Faith for their newly founded organization. They remained in Sister Ida Pearl McClain’s home for about two years before searching for a building to accommodate the new members, which the Lord was sending in. It was October 21, 1981 when they moved the church to a new location at 1501 South Avenue, Syracuse, New York. The church has remained here in the same location for forty two years as of this date, February 2020 OH HAPPY DAY!!!!

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